No Drama Shamma

We wrapped Eurydice and I’m happy to be done. One of the highlights from working on the show was a comment by the sound technician, who said the people who tend to act overly dramatic also tend to be the life of the party and she wishes she could have just a pinch of that. While I understand what she means (being extroverted is still more popular than being introverted; though being introverted is more common), I think being boring is a little bit better. 

Overly dramatic people do tend to be more attractive to empathetic people…but that’s a problem. The big reason why I have the recurring theme of separating myself from toxic people is that they are usually over dramatic. Very much to the point that if there is no excitement going on, they will create it…even if it’s destructive. I think this is the big issue with people in the spotlight, they have to keep stirring the pot in order to have people continue to pay attention to them:

(Source: A quote by my friend Vanity Constance Sanders. Follow her on Instagram!)

I have also found that ODPs will create drama at the expense of others. They are quick to drag people into it, to have someone either to save them later or throw them under the bus. They do this so they will never have to admit to being accountable for their shenanigans and will get angry at you if they get called out on it.


I’m dealing with enough drama just living right now and I certainly don’t have the energy or the time to create more. I like being boring. I prefer not to be super talkative unless there is a reason and I really enjoy the simple life.

            (Yup and that’s ok with me!)

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