So, what’s next?

Well, all is not completely lost on the work front though I really won’t see any money until at least May. (The tough part is getting caught up now, so I’m not completely crushed by the time May comes.) 

The first thing is that it’s looking like I got the pole teaching job. (Yay!) I won’t be teaching advanced skills (you have to be certified for that) but I will be doing all Pole tease and how to be seductive (meow!). I consulted my friend and she gave me a list on how to go about it. I’ll need some pole time before then to prepare, but I did dust off these babies to practice walking in the meantime:

    (I haven’t worn these in a solid year.)

In addition to that, I may be in a musical, though I still have to submit a video of myself singing before confirming that casting. I still have Titanic to do at the moment. 

I will be catching up with the dates that I missed for Stage Combat so I don’t miss out on being certified and we start picking our fight partners this week. I’m super excited! 

(I sincerely hope we get a scene like this to perform.) 

And in other great news, I will be back at the Great Philly Comic Con! This year they automatically put me on Celebrity Row because of working at James Frain’s table last year. I’m curious to see who they pair me up with this year. Though I won’t be working Wizard World this year. It was a nice show, don’t get me wrong, but it was really overwhelming; and it seems to be scheduled the same weekend as the College Rugby Tournament. I want to go watch that instead.

Speaking of Rugby…well, sort of. Roller Derby assessments are this Sunday after stage combat and I’m going to go back out for it and do the Referee program. 

(Hopefully, I make good calls and won’t be heckled with signs like these.)

All in all a busy time. 

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