Ethnic Ambiguity 

(Source: Facebook.)

Today’s post is inspired by a Facebook friend of mine that was mistaken for being Latinx when she is Caucasian. I feel for her because I too am commonly mistaken for Latinx. In a previous post, I mentioned I am Mixed Race. My heritage is West African, Middle Eastern, and European. The biggest question I get is “What are you?” That’s when I take a big sigh and run off the list.

Most times though I identify as being a Black woman. My mom is Black, I am black. End of story. (Obama is mixed race too. Everyone called him the first Black President, not the first Mixed Race President. Ok?)  However, when it comes to the entertainment field, there are some advantages and disadvantages to not being immediately identifiable as far as my race is concerned.


Anything in theatre or film and television that take place in modern day, will take me on as an actress. Because I look Non-Descript like many others and can be fluid in many roles.

I have played a Middle Eastern character before (it’s not a far stretch since it makes up part of me) and could probably take on more roles like that in the future.


I’m pretty much tied to doing more modern day plays, Shakespeare and modern timelines in film or television. Anything that is period sensitive tends to lean towards someone who looks like the race they are (ex. Caucasian or African American.)

Speaking of African Americans in film or television; I am often passed over for parts because I’m not “Black” enough (but there’s plenty of Latinx roles I can take, but don’t really want.)

(Source: Star Trek: The Next Generation, FOX.)

So there it is, the story of my life in a nutshell.

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