Income Producing Activities 

         (Source: @dudewheresmymeme)

So I have shared my feelings of grief with you yesterday about getting scholarship money. I’m also on the hunt for more income producing activities that allow me to work remotely. Yes, there are some home-based business opportunities that I can get into (and want to get into), but they do take some time to build before you really start to see a real check coming in. So for right now, all I can do is search for freelance jobs. This also means I will re-write a traditional resume; which I haven’t had to do for at least 2 years. Plus, I need to add what I’m doing now so it at least looks like I’ve been productive this entire time. All this and I still need to write a bunch of essays for scholarship money, rehearse the 2 back to back shows I’m in, complete all of my make-up classes for my stage combat course, work the small fit modeling gigs I booked, continue to work as a social influencer for M2M and Toshio Yori, and prepare a 4-week course for the new pole studio I’m working at. It’s getting crazy now.

             (Source: Student Problems FB)

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