Scholarship Essays pt. 2

I’m currently working on an essay about Jane Austen’s works. The essay is not due for another month, but I have a theme and I’m catching up with her work which I have previously not read. There are so many that laud Austen’s work and sadly I’m not one of them. It’s true, that the novels themselves are well written, and that the characters are relatable which is why her work is enduring…but that’s the issue for me. The human condition has not changed, at least how it has been documented here over 200 years ago.

I’m reading Mansfield Park right now and it feels like I’m reading a novel about the Kardashian family (ugh!) The Bertrams, Mrs. Norris, the Rushworths, and the Crawfords are so goddamn ratchet and annoying, I’m half tempted to throw this book across the room! Even the lead heroine, Fanny, grates my nerves from time to time. 

(I’m seriously questioning why I decided to take on this challenge and search for different scholarships instead.) 

If nothing comes of this essay, I would have least learned more about Jane’s works and why people love her so much. It also shows my general distaste for people. Not saying there aren’t a select few that I love. However, I think people who act classless, rude, and entitled (regardless of their financial status) piss me off the most. *Sigh* back to torturing myself I suppose.

6 thoughts on “Scholarship Essays pt. 2

      1. NocturnalJen

        Hey at least you’re giving it a go! You have more chance than if you just gave up before even trying. I’ve written a few trying essays in my time. One on Robinson Crusoe which is potentially my least favourite book I’ve ever read. Is the scholarship for a postgraduate degree? xx

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      2. Shamma Casson

        No a bachelors degree. I had to defer my dreams of going to school for about a decade because of finances and falling out of love with my previous major. I’m going back to school for theatre and Jane Austen’s works have been adapted for the stage, which is why I chose to apply for this scholarship. I love your honesty about Robinson Crusoe.

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      3. NocturnalJen

        Ah fair enough, the most important thing is being comfortable with what you’ll eventually be studying. I was studying economics last year but I’ve now realised it really wasn’t what I wanted to be doing and am studying Literature xx


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