Covering My Dad’s Shift

(Source: Kevin Smith Wiki. Dante Hicks is my spirit animal.)

“I’m not even supposed to be here today.” The famous line uttered by Dante Hicks in the Kevin Smith film ‘Clerks’ pretty much defines my working life. I seem to move forward in my working life by covering other people’s shifts. Although Dante did not want to work on his day off, I try to take it as a learning experience. 

When my dad got sick and was admitted to the hospital, I had to cover his shift while he was in treatment. His job is simple, yet a little treacherous (because I’m out in the boonies at night) putting out real estate signs. I managed to slice my hand and rip my favorite pair of jeans, but the job had to be done in order to keep money in our pockets. The benefit of this job is that it’s only 2 nights a week on the weekends. It is somewhat physical so I’m starting to lose weight from all of the work. 

The disadvantage is that many of the developed areas are very rural. There are not that many light posts and there’s a lot of wilderness out there. A spot where I had to put a sign out there were a herd of deer. If a deer didn’t bite me 7 years ago while I was in Japan, I would have thought it beautiful; however, I viewed them as a dangerous gang and had to approach the area carefully. There are a ton of holes in the ground, which lead to a potential injury and my biggest fear is crossing paths with a snake 😰.

Other than that it is a fairly decent income. My dad quits this gig in June to take care of grandparents (he will be completely healed by then) and I might take over the job until my move to pocket some extra money. It also gives me the freedom to work the rest of the week taking on the other gigs I put in for, before arriving in Ireland. My goal is to have my entire first year’s tuition, books, housing and additional living expenses covered. Plus establish other remote, US based income producing activities to keep me alive the rest of the remaining school time. Fingers crossed.

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