Back in Business…Sort of

(Source: John Staples of JBMS Photography.)

Fun Fact: I signed up for a home-based network marketing business back in 2013. 

Another Fun Fact: I failed that business within a year because I wasn’t focused on succeeding and had to put it on the back burner because I was extremely poor and had to take on a regular job again. 

But I’m not sad about that. As of yesterday I’m back in the company, but with a different set of rules for myself and my customers this time. Yes, the business is designed to sign up as many customers and distributors as possible. However, unlike before, I’m pushing it in a different manner. Believe it or not, the entire product line is perfect for someone like me in my industry. I’m an actress and a model. I have to look my best at all times and these products work: simple as that. With that said, I have no intentions of inundating this blog with sales pitches, nor am I going to seek out my friends, family, or followers to sign up. No. If you want to know what’s keeping me fabulous, ask and ye shall receive. 

What I will do is provide a link to the website if you want to shop. I’m available to answer questions or even to show off my results if you request them. No pressure, as my acting and modeling gigs are still my primary source of income. I’m in it for the discount and whatever extra cash I make. This for me is a happy bonus and I’m glad to be back.

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