Self Care

(Source: Pinterest)

Some good things happened to me today and they are all beauty/money related. First, I did manage to book another background gig (I guess I’m out of retirement for a while) which is shorter hours but higher pay (YAY). I also received my business kit from It Works and my FasciaBlaster and now I’m working on my body. 

(I’m working on getting back to this body. This photo was taken 5 months prior to the accident.)

The FasciaBlaster (I make no money talking about this product btw) was purchased based upon a recommendation by a friend. I told her about the continuing issues I have with my body due to the accident. She told me this could help with some of the damage as well as the extra fat pockets I gained because of it. The product by itself will not cause me to lose weight (a proper diet and exercise will do that.) However, it’s difficult to workout with intensity because of my lack of flexibility and circulation. I’m hoping the Blaster can help loosen me up a bit to make that easier and less painful.

 (Source: Pinterest)

Along with my It Works kit (which I do make money off btw if you want to hit me up); I purchased the WOW firming moisturizer to help tighten up the deep set forehead wrinkle I made by furrowing my brows all of the time. (Too much stress and pain can do that to you.)  So I can go back to looking 20; like I did before the accident.

(Source: Pinterest)

If you read my post yesterday, you are highly aware that I had a complete and total meltdown. I’m still very frustrated with the way things are going in my life right now, but stewing in anger is not going to get me anywhere. What I’m doing to remedy that is more breathing, meditation, and trusting the Universe. I’m also using the the Blasting period as a meditation to iron out all of my pain and stress. Hopefully this settles me down a bit and helps to refocus on what I need to do. Who knows? Maybe the self care is my next step. I seriously can’t go on camera looking a ragged pile of sadness. It’s all part of the Universal plan (at least I hope).

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