Back to School

(Source: Daria and MTV)

I guess at this very moment, I’m technically back in school. No, not the school in Ireland…the School of Hard Knocks. An opportunity that I had abandoned five years ago has resurfaced for me to try again: investing. At the time when I was learning to invest, I had much of the information at my fingertips, but no capital to invest. This time, however, I do have a little bit of capital that I can invest; and I need to do so quickly. Time is running out to be able to pay my tuition before starting school. As I had mentioned earlier, I do have a tiny cushion. But the majority of my funding for school had to come from student aid. Now that aid has been denied to me, this is now the only way (besides becoming a stripper, and believe me, that is not off the table) for me to pull together money at a quick rate. All there is for me to do is to refresh on all of the old and new information I need to make this happen. Hopefully this works and I can happily report that I’m able to go to school.

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