Dear Amber Rose…

(This was me watching your interview.)

I just want you to know that I have a serious distaste for celebrity gossip. However when something like this falls in my lap I cannot avoid it. Especially since this is so close to home I need to address it.

I could care less about the before and after photos of you that are being spread around. I also could care less about how you live your life. In fact, I follow you on Instagram simply because you are a girl from my area that "made it"; but now I can no longer follow you.

The moment you set yourself apart from the women growing up in your neighborhood in South Philly, you made yourself ugly. Seriously. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure your statement came from wounds that are unhealed. I too have experienced my fair share of bullshit. This. Was. Not. The. Way. To. Address. That. Wound.

There were definitely ways you could have worded this differently to share your pain without diminishing the value of the other women in your neighborhood. I have friends that were born and raised in South Philly that are drop dead gorgeous; so basically, you disrespected my crew. Take the public's anger as a lesson.


8 thoughts on “Dear Amber Rose…

    1. Shamma Casson

      No as only a clipped version is floating on my feed. However, she should have never prefaced with that statement. Whatever she said after that is a positive should have started first.


      1. Vix

        I can’t defend her comments but that was such a small portion of an overall great interview. You should check it out if you have time


      2. Shamma Casson

        Exactly how does the beauty of the other women come into this conversation? The interviewer,in plain language, was asking how she transcends extreme poverty and a dangerous neighborhood. The follow up answer of feeling like she never fit in her neighborhood and wanted more for herself would have been more than sufficient.

        I’m going to continue to watch this interview, but I needed to address that first as is solidifies my point.


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