It May Be a Good Thing

My relative and I reached out to officials at my school to discuss the issues of my funding to see if there was anything I can do or not. There really wasn’t much I could do in this situation and that may be a good thing as opportunities are opening up here stateside. On the off chance that I no longer permitted to reapply to my first choice school I’m also looking at alternatives for a theatre degree. I really had my heart set on moving to Dublin and that may still happen but with a different school. I have 2 options I can do now:

The Gaiety School of Acting, which is where Colin Farrell and Olivia Wilde attended.

The Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art in Trinity College; whose courses were developed by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England.

Both are very fine schools. Applications and auditions for The Lir happen in October so I will have to move very quickly on this. The next thing is to pick up a regular job and store all of the cash that I can to hustle my butt over there.

2 thoughts on “It May Be a Good Thing

    1. Shamma Casson

      I’ve had a longtime dream of studying overseas since I was a kid but I’ve had to put that dream off. It’s not that there aren’t good dramatic schools over here, and I have attended a couple. It’s just a goal that I have always wanted to achieve.


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