I probably shouldn’t be the one saying this, but…

Reboots are so annoying.

What’s worse, is seeing people on the internet so excited for films that are being rebooted that weren’t good the first time around. It really makes me wonder about people sometimes.

I’m all for making more woman centric stories or an adaptation of a story we haven’t seen on the big screen yet. But why on Earth do I need to watch a remake of the ‘Lord of the Flies’? Or another ‘Mortal Kombat’ movie? ‘Blade’ doesn’t need a damn reboot, and ‘A Star is Born’ is on its 5th remake!

Production companies and investors need to acknowledge that they are too afraid to invest in original ideas for fear of losing money. This isn’t the theatre where you have more leeway to do that because these productions are often short runs and rarely recorded. Even then: live theatre is more apt to take more risks with a new show, which is why I love them. Push the envelope a little bit!

Stepping off my soapbox now.

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