More Comes Out In The Wash

(Source: Facebook.)

Thor: Ragnarok officially releases in the US in a few minutes, and I already know what happens in the film. It’s really irritating to me. Especially since I was recently called out for posting on my social media about going to NYC to film a show. Even though I had no intentions (nor did I) of posting what scene I was filming, plot details, or even who I saw; I was respectful enough to take it down at the agency’s request. How is it that they are on top of making sure nothing gets out until the release date, but Marvel failed so miserably? Is nothing sacred anymore? Having anticipation built up until the release is a good thing. Remember when The Force Awakens came out and everyone had the courtesy not to talk about the film until two weeks after it’s first showing for fans to catch up? That was two years ago guys. This is some serious bullshit.

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