Trust Issues

(Source: Pinterest.)

Today on one of my social media outlets, someone brought up the issue with trust. I want to summarize what they were trying to say:

The problem with trust is that it puts you in a bad position no matter what. You are setting yourself up to fail.

Shocking as it may sound, I’m inclined to agree. Now before I get completely flamed for this, let me clarify how I interpret that statement. We put too much trust in everything, from the people around us, to everyday objects, to even our own thoughts about ourselves. Tony Robbins once said that you don’t trust people while driving. If you’re on a two lane road with a yellow median, there is nothing stopping the other driver from crossing that median into your lane. All you can do is hope for the best and be a defensive driver. (Which is why courses are offered on the subject.)

I also don’t interpret it as people out to get me either. Yeah, there are some people in my life like that (and I have mentioned them before on this blog.) What I took from it is that even promises made with good intentions can fall through, and ultimately lead to disappointment.

People can be really nice, but very toxic and drag your energy down. Sometimes your fear lies to you and tells you it’s your intuition speaking. You can have that trusty tool you always use to fix things and all of a sudden it breaks.

So I have learned to replace trust with faith. My life has improved greatly when I operated from faith instead of trust. Trust has always burned me. Do your research, ask questions, make educated decisions, and always hope for the best.

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