I’m Proud of Myself

(Source: someecards.)

If you have been following me up until this point, you know that there is a specific man on this planet that shattered my heart to pieces. Last year he apologized to me for causing so much pain. Thinking that would be the end of it, he managed to find me on one of my other social media channels and tried to forge a friendship again. I’ve decided to put a stop to it today.

(Source: Facebook.)

I was already very suspicious about why he would try to reach out to me again in the first place. Still, I stayed cordial. Recently however, he started to pull the same old tricks again in the way he communicates with me. No. He’s dealing with the wrong woman now. My heart isn’t the same anymore and I have very little patience for having my feelings abused again.

(Source: Pinterest.)

So I closed off that channel and I’m not speaking to him anymore. He doesn’t need to know what I’m doing in my life now. He just needs to stay gone.

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