Everybody is Cancelled

(Source: Facebook.)

Honestly, it’s a good thing. So many women and men have been affected for far too long. Sexual and emotional trauma is real. Shame is a burden we carry. We all have skeletons whether we are the perpetrators or the victims. Hurt people, hurt people.

A little while back I also included my name into the #MeToo campaign, because I too have been a victim of sexual harassment and assault. However, I’m going to take this time to see where I was complicit.

No, I never assaulted anyone, but there were definitely times when I thought “was this person asking for it with their behavior?” Or “why did they take so long to come forward?”

Two statements I’m very guilty of. But I know from hearing the stories of the other victims; and how they mirror my own, that those are statements that are no longer part my my language. I also acknowledge that with my own internalized pain it could have been a way of lashing out. For that I’m sorry. It’s not right and there’s no way to truly atone for my contempt of others who were hurt.

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