Aggressive Spamming

(Source: Facebook.)

This is a personal opinion blog, it’s not a news source, just a journal of yours truly. If you haven’t followed this blog for too long, you will also find out that I state strong opinions and pretty much expect to get flamed for them all the time. With that said, one thing I have done since the creation of this blog, and at the recommendation of WordPress, is to put limits on the comments section. I didn’t understand why since I’m open to conversation. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I got into an argument on social media over a strong opinion. However, lately my comments section got overwhelmed with spam.

Now I get it. 🙄

Imagine getting email notifications saying “you need to moderate your comments!” Which made me think that people were either really interested in my blog or they want to cuss me out. Instead I find multiple comments from the same account (with pretty much the same comment at that) blowing up my feed. How annoying.

It’s silly to have such high security on something as small as the comments section. However, I spent the better part of 20 minutes marking these random comments as spam; which was way better than having to go through each individual page to do it. If you leave me a comment that I have to moderate, I’m sorry it’s not you I’m blocking, it’s the spam.

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