Bye Bitch 👋🏽🖕🏽

(Source: Facebook. A touchy meme, but sooooo necessary.)

Breaking News! The Roseanne Revival just got canceled from ABC, because of a racist tweet.


I’m sick and tired of these entitled assholes that think they’re untouchable no matter what they say or do. On the bright side, it also proves that everyone has their limit.

At some point a person with an ugly soul will finally push past that breaking point of no return. When that happens, everything they say or do will be meaningless.

In the case of racist ass Roseanne Barr, I will enjoy this piping hot cup of Schadenfreude Tea.

(Source: Twitter.)

One thought on “Bye Bitch 👋🏽🖕🏽

  1. aniela2017

    I wasn’t surprised by her recent racist tweet as it’s not the first time. Glad they fired her and cancelled the show. I refused to watch it because I won’t support a racist bigot who is chummy with the cheeto.

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