Men, Again 🙄

(Source: Twitter.)

The founder of a website that I follow, has just been exposed as an abuser. Creating insanely strict rules for his girlfriend to follow, fat shaming her, and sexually assaulting her. He even went so far to ruin her acting career by blacklisting her when she walked away from him.

(Source: Pinterest.)

One thing I took away from the article that was written, is that dating someone high powered isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. I mean, dating in general isn’t all that great, but adding fame to the mix makes it especially difficult. Look how easy it was for this poor woman’s career to be tanked simply because he didn’t want her story to be believed? He was worried about bad publicity and his actions have led him down the path of…bad publicity.

If he had not been an asshole, he wouldn’t need to worry as his conscience would be clear. But that’s far too easy.

Anyway, I’m happy that this woman is safe and recovering financially, spiritually, emotionally, to be able to tell the tale. He is a scumbag.

Tribeca Day 1

(Circa yesterday on my break.)

Last night was my first shift of the festival and it was different for sure. The job of being an Orange Hat isn’t difficult, but there is so much excitement going on that trying to help our VIPs can be overwhelming. That being said, we have a mixed bag of VIPs to assist and that includes celebrities. When that happens, it’s essential to keep your game face on, and not get star struck.

Speaking of celebrities: I have also witnessed my first red carpet in real time. The flash from the cameras were blinding (I don’t know how they can stand it.) One thing I did notice was how quickly they do a red carpet event. It was all of 10 minutes max that I saw Ethan Hawke and Noomi Rapace (both appearing for their film ‘Stockholm’), fly through the entire thing with interviews included. Then the Tribeca crew had to replace the name tags of the previous paparazzi with different paparazzi, change the background, and set up new barricades for a new set of celebrities to walk past. Absolutely nuts!

Speaking of paparazzi: I made friends with one! I spoke to him on my break. He noticed I had Crew credentials on and asked me how I liked the festival so far. I told him it was cool and I had never seen anything like this before. Even though I have worked at comic cons, this was a new level of chaos. I also told him how I’m utilizing this opportunity for my career since I’m an actress too. We chatted for a while longer, he broke down the process of a successful red carpet experience for both the celebrity and the photographer. The process of selling photos, and showed me some of his work. He also does professional headshots, so I may reach out to him in the future.

Speaking of making friends (this post has the most convenient segues): the Orange Hat Crew is very cool. Since we are all mixed in the chaos together, we are also bonding. So far, I have met a woman who travels to work the big film festivals on crew (I wish I had the cash flow to do that.) I also met a woman who works both the HR division (my old gig) and is also helping out on crew. Another person I met is the one who was courteous enough to buy me the coffee you see in the photo, even though I didn’t ask him. He works on a production crew and is aspiring to be a screenwriter. When the festival wraps up there will be an after party in early May. I think I’m going to attend.

I think that’s everything I want to post about so far. Today is day two and it may be much of the same, but I will keep you posted on any new developments.

New York So Far

(My tourist photo lol!)

I arrived back in New York this past Friday to attend a stunt training and to work a volunteer gig for NYFW. So far, so good.

(Taken yesterday. They were doing Stair Falls. Since it’s my first class they didn’t have me do this yet.)

The stunt training went particularly well. Much of the essential skills that they teach are very similar to what I was learning in Unarmed Stage Combat, but with tweaks that read for film. I plan on taking more trainings until I’m good and ready to do this professionally.

(Taken earlier today.)

Since it was so nice today and I had free time, I took the subway down to Coney Island to walk around. I haven’t been to Coney in 8 years and I just wanted to buzz around to see if anything has changed. Not much though it does seem like they are building more apartments in the area. It’s still Coney and I love it.

(Taken yesterday before taking the train to stunt class.)

Tomorrow I meet up with a friend and former co-worker I haven’t seen in person in a long time. (Although we correspond regularly on social media.) She is getting married next month, and since I am unable to attend her wedding; I wanted to give her part of her wedding gift when I see her:

(A Signed Tom Hiddleston postcard that was gifted to me from Wizard World Philadelphia last year.)

This was given to me by the friend of the young lady that I calmed down from a panic attack before meeting him at the convention last year. My friend is a major fan of his (me, not so much…at least not anymore) so I felt that this postcard would be in better hands with her. I can’t wait to see her as we have much catching up to do.

I will update more later once I go to the Jason Wu Grey Out event and after the Chulo Underwear NYFW event I’m working.

Combat Workshop 

Piggybacking off of my previous post, I want to talk about my upcoming combat workshop this weekend. You have no idea how stoked I really am! This is a two day workshop down the street from my house (super convenient), that consists of knife fighting, found object fighting, Asian fan fighting, ripping weapons away from an opponent, and fighting with a small sword. I’m especially excited about the sword fighting because it will make me feel a little bit like my childhood hero, Red Sonja. SQUEE!!!

(Source: Marvel Comics Group. And check out Thor: Ragnarok since the writer Roy Thomas also co-created the Valkyrie.)

Needless to say, I freaking love fighting, and I may be a little too aggressive lol.

Line Control and Working My Last Comic Con

(Me blocking people from taking photos at Alan Tudyk’s table.)

Welp, I did it. My last show stateside and probably forever. Just like retiring from background work, it’s on to bigger and better things. Usually I am an attendee at cons. However, due to financial restrictions, volunteering for free admission is a smarter way to go. That being said, I have had my fill. The people that work there and attend are really nice, but it is time consuming. I was only able to do one day so I couldn’t hang out with the celebrities like I did last year. (The more I talk to them, the more I come to understand how normal they really are. Or the ones I talk to at least.) For these type of events, the more days you can work, the better. You have more opportunities to talk to everyone and figure out what goods you want to purchase (not like I could anyway my cash is dedicated to a strict budget.) Overall it was a bittersweet day, but I look forward to new adventures. And who knows? Maybe I’ll have a table of my own one day…

A girl can dream. 

So, what’s next?

Well, all is not completely lost on the work front though I really won’t see any money until at least May. (The tough part is getting caught up now, so I’m not completely crushed by the time May comes.) 

The first thing is that it’s looking like I got the pole teaching job. (Yay!) I won’t be teaching advanced skills (you have to be certified for that) but I will be doing all Pole tease and how to be seductive (meow!). I consulted my friend and she gave me a list on how to go about it. I’ll need some pole time before then to prepare, but I did dust off these babies to practice walking in the meantime:

    (I haven’t worn these in a solid year.)

In addition to that, I may be in a musical, though I still have to submit a video of myself singing before confirming that casting. I still have Titanic to do at the moment. 

I will be catching up with the dates that I missed for Stage Combat so I don’t miss out on being certified and we start picking our fight partners this week. I’m super excited! 

(I sincerely hope we get a scene like this to perform.) 

And in other great news, I will be back at the Great Philly Comic Con! This year they automatically put me on Celebrity Row because of working at James Frain’s table last year. I’m curious to see who they pair me up with this year. Though I won’t be working Wizard World this year. It was a nice show, don’t get me wrong, but it was really overwhelming; and it seems to be scheduled the same weekend as the College Rugby Tournament. I want to go watch that instead.

Speaking of Rugby…well, sort of. Roller Derby assessments are this Sunday after stage combat and I’m going to go back out for it and do the Referee program. 

(Hopefully, I make good calls and won’t be heckled with signs like these.)

All in all a busy time. 

You Don’t Need to Sell Me

There’s been a strange trend for a few years now, where news and social media outlets try to convince me how relatable a celebrity is. I find this weird because: 1) I do, on occasion, work with public figures and I already know they are normal people; and 2) it feels like the people writing this content, are writing it for themselves because THEY feel insecure. Seriously….I’m sure “X” is a great person, but I don’t care about their binge watching addiction or how many cheeseburgers they ate this week. Especially after the Oscars this past weekend where a celebrity was perceived as so cute because of an action they did. The headline went a little like this:

OMG! “So and So” did this at the Oscars and they  totally could be our best friend!!

Sigh…where do I start? Well, even the most monstrous person can present an endearing quality to someone. Hell, that statement alone is why I made the resolution to detox from toxic people. It really is better to see what people carry in their hearts when you have a genuine conversation with them (and not a heavily edited interview), that you know you have a good person on your hands. The only time I had to make a person relatable was at the comic con with the big Marvel stars. One of the girls in line was extremely nervous getting ready to meet Tom Hiddleston and looked like she was about to vomit. Shorty before she stood in line he had to leave the table for a quick bathroom break. Before she could panic I told her “there’s nothing to be worried about. Do you know right before you arrived, he had to go pee? Movie stars have to use the toilet too. Besides, he’s here for you, so enjoy yourself.” She managed to calm down and was able to meet him without puking on him or fainting. I don’t know the guy personally, so that was the only resource I could pull out to use. Thank goodness it worked for her! (Or this would have been a different story altogether 😳) Me, on the other hand, would take much more convincing that he is a good person than knowing he uses the facilities like a normal person. Since I won’t get that opportunity, and I will continue not to care. 

Another Background Submission and Comic Con

(Circa April 2016 from James Frain’s table at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con.)

Fingers Crossed!! The most recent background submission holds a special place in my heart because it would be for Gotham! 

To give a little backstory: I was raised Geek. (Thanks Dad!) Because of that life long obsession most of my misspent youth was misspending loads of money on graphic novels and other memorabilia. Anything Batman was always a top favorite and Dad took me to the first shows of the Tim Burton films and the first Joel Schumacher film. (Not the second one though…that one was shit.)

(Me pictured here with James Frain a.k.a Theo Galavan, a.k.a Azrael)

This past April I worked as a volunteer at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con. I did that for a couple of reasons, 1) I was working with very little money and the only way to get free admission was to work for free. (Earning my keep!) 2) The former Pink Power Ranger: Kimberly (played by Amy Jo Johnson) was attending and 3) John Paragon who played Jambi on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse was attending. (Aaaaaaahhhhhh Childhood Memories!) So I HAD to go.  And of course it was AWESOME! I ended up getting shuffled to a couple of different spots during my shift until I eventually became a celebrity helper for James Frain (as pictured above.) I’ve been told I give off an air of responsibility and probably the reason I got selected for management in a couple of my jobs (I will post about jobs after my last shift at Starbucks) which is why they felt safe having me work with a celebrity. 

I’m excited because I wonder if he will be working this scene? He may not remember me, but I can say “Hey, remember me? I was your table helper in Philadelphia. I was the one that asked you where you got your training and which school you recommend.” Who knows but still it would be so fun to be there. Especially after working with him and Robin Lord Taylor at GPCC.

The only other instance of this happening would be to work on Infinity War. (Though sadly, I’m not a Georgia resident where they’re filming.) Rewind: back to early June of this year when I worked at Wizard World Philadelphia all four days. This was a much bigger convention that featured the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I didn’t get to roam around as much as the other one. (The rules were stricter and security was tighter.) Still, I got shuffled along to the autographs area and worked in the Thor section on Saturday and Sunday. 

(Seriously though, Tom Hiddleston’s fans were lit.)

Overall, I’m still so excited about this journey I’m on. I would love to bring honor to my family and work on the projects of the things we love. Though I’m probably going to take a break from volunteering for a while, especially while I’m in school in Ireland.