Today’s Audition 

I knew I was going in for a beauty campaign today. As it turns out it may be a Korean beauty company that I auditioned for. It’s very serendipitous, especially with a video I watched the other day from NPR about Pore Vacuuming in Seoul, South Korea. With K-Beauty, I’ve only used a couple of products. A fairly decent cleanser and collagen sheet masks. My skin is very problematic and needs the most help out of my whole routine. As far as makeup is concerned, I have that covered. K-Beauty foundations and BB creams are often too pale for my skin anyway. I won’t, however, shy away from eyeshadows, liners, and lip products, especially if they are really pretty. 

I’m not sure if I’m going to land this campaign, but it is directing my attention towards using more K-Beauty. Maybe this is the formula I need to fix my face! We shall see.


Consignment Shopping 

I went shopping the past couple of days for my trip to the west. Because I’m on a limited budget, but I still want to impress. That’s when my dear friend, the consignment store comes in. 

Why do I love consignment stores so much? First of all, you can find some amazing, unique, and vintage items at the consignment store. They are usually made with better materials and tailoring. Most fast fashion nowadays, construct pieces for cheap using flimsy fabrics and stitching. 

2) It’s very Parisian. Many women in the city of Paris consign clothes. By doing so, they create looks that they can call their own. Always setting themselves apart from others without breaking the bank.

3) Piggybacking off of #2, I love the hunt for a deal. I don’t shop for clothing often, (in fact most of my clothes are either hand-me-downs, or clothes provided for me from various events or jobs that I have worked) but something about buying a massively priced item for pennies on the dollar just gives me a thrill. 

4) It’s a great place to buy costumes for theatre or any filmed pieces. All of the background jobs I worked, I wore consigned pieces that made me look “rich”. One of the jobs I worked, a woman brought her most expensive items and lost some of her real gold jewelry. If she had brought costume jewelry instead, she wouldn’t have broken a sweat over the loss. Plus with that deep of background, the camera or the viewer wouldn’t have picked up the difference anyway.

Simply put, consignment shopping is fun, economical, hip, and vital for the actor. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

The “Meh” Ball

     Liberace was better dressed for the ball.

Um…so…I was expecting massive slayage and punk inspired looks for the Commes des Garçons exhibit; but no such luck. With the exception of maybe Rihanna and a couple of other people, no one really wore Commes pieces or looks in that sort of style. I’m thinking that because of the “Great Robot Disaster” of last year; people wanted to tone it down this year. Here are my picks:

     An actual Commes des Garçons piece.

              (Source: Who What Wear.)


 Another actual Commes des Garçons piece.

                (Source: Who What Wear.)


                              Pink Lily #1

                (Source: Who What Wear.)

                            Pink Lily #2

                (Source: Who What Wear.)


               (Source: Who What Wear.)


                         Pointy Shoulder

               (Source: Who What Wear.)

Burlesque Dress (I love Ashley Graham BTW)

               (Source: Who What Wear.)

                          Hipster Angel 

               (Source: Who What Wear)

My FAVORITE Outfit and one that I would wear out

               (Source: Who What Wear.)


                 High Fashion Detective

               (Source: Who What Wear.)

Maybe next year I will blown away, but :

When One Door Closes…

I’ve been having a very tough 2017 so far, and here I thought 2016 was a total dumpster fire. That being said, it isn’t all bad. I have received good news today. But first let me catch you up to this point. 

I’ve applied for so many remote jobs, only to get rejected. The pole teaching gig that I was all set to take has now been pushed off because of construction delays and now it’s no longer a guarantee. The money I have coming in from my accident to pay for school is taking forever and I keep dipping into my parents cash just to survive. Even though I’m retired from background acting, I had a job offer from the casting agency I deal with the most, offer me a background job I couldn’t take due to my dad still being in the hospital. Most of the scholarships I’ve been trying to apply to have an age limit, and I am beyond it. So as you can see…things are getting desperate. So what’s the good news?

I got an opportunity to help out a friend of a friend this week cover a shift at their business. Also today, I managed to book a promotional modeling job next week that will pay me a bit of cash as well. Add in the money I earned from my fit modeling job, the stipends I will be paid for my performances in Orange and Without You, taking over my dad’s gig, and I will be getting ahead sort of. I really wish some of these remote jobs will come in or if worse comes to worse, get back into Network Marketing and hustle my butt off.


Thank you, thank you!!! 🎊🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉 

I found out earlier today that I have been officially accepted to my school in Ireland. Now comes the real challenge of pulling together all the money I need for a smooth transition. I am allowed to apply for student aid (which is fantastic) and I’m going to see what scholarships I am eligible to apply for. 

This also means that I have to pinch all of my pennies right now and not be wasteful. If I’m smart about my budgeting, it can be done right. By the way I did mention that I was invited to go to Las Vegas to spend time with my friends. This is still on the books since I’ll be on the other side of the pond for at least 2-3 years. It’s considered my farewell tour before shipping off to school. 

(I have to be self-employed just like my character on Animal Crossing.)

So now, it’s about taking all of the income producing activities that I can. I have to have it be flexible since I do have some modeling and theatre jobs on the books. What to do, hmmm…🤔🤔🤔

A Heavy Weekend 

(Source: Yuri!!!On Ice. This is a factual depiction of me on St. Patrick’s Day.)

Well friends, I’m exhausted. I did stick to my promise of not consuming alcohol…that was until St. Paddy’s evening and I didn’t have to pay for my drinks. I was invited to go see burlesque at one of the local bars and I was in love! Not only because of the burlesque show, but due to the fact that they were a dive entertainment bar, complete with a pole. And I may be trying out for the burlesque troupe. 😊

Anyway, I want to give a quick update on my progress so far:

• April 7-9th I will be performing Titanic: Tragedy and Trial in Delaware City for the Reedy Point Players, I am double-cast and not doing anything else but performing so it should be a solid performance.

•I had to pass on roller derby assessments because of my show schedule being back to back and on the same nights as practice. It couldn’t be done. (Holy Over-Commitment Batman!) 

•Speaking of shows and why my schedule is full; I got cast in Orange Is The New Musical at Bootless Stageworks. This is my second performance this year, with my first being Body and Sold.

(He had it comin’!!! Oh wait…wrong musical.) 

•My school advisor is trying to work their voodoo magic to get me accepted into school, this means I have to update my resume and submit to the program directors to show I’m serious about my education.

•I’m also attending a casting call for a fit modeling job in town. For those that don’t know what “fit modeling” is: you are invited to a fashion lab to try on clothes for fashion brands and give feedback about how well they fit. The brand wants to know how well the garment fits and feels before they mass produce it, and put it out on the market. It’s good money if you can get it. The last time I did it, I ended up getting a free pair of jeans and socks out of the deal. (I don’t think that’s common, so please don’t expect that if you do get the job.) 

•I’m making progress, slowly but surely in my combat class. I got a fight partner today, so we will be going over scenes to work on soon. 

•I’m still trying to pick up some more background jobs, especially since it is pilot season and there are new shows coming out. No such luck right now.

That’s all I got for now, I will keep you posted on anything new.

Casting Agency Scandal and Personal Experience 

 It’s starting to look like every post I felt I needed to delete for lack of relevancy now all of a sudden become relevant. Particularly today’s subject about my Human Resources experience which I have gone over in bits and pieces of my surviving posts; but ended up deleting a much larger post because I felt that it sounded too bitter. Lo and behold, there was a scandal within my new industry, and I would be hard-pressed not to talk about it and why it’s so impactful.

For those who do not know about the original scandal, it went a little something like this:

The casting agents for Balenciaga were accused of locking up over 150 models in a dark stairwell for over 3 hours while they took a lunch break. Some of the models came forward to a man named James Scully, who has also worked in the industry as a casting agent, and he was the one that blew the whistle. As a result the agents hired by Balenciaga were relieved of their duties.

Mr. Scully has been on record of saying that there were previous abuses of models within the industry and that he wanted to be a voice for those models whenever he could. He has also said that he could lose his position and frankly did not care because he doesn’t feel that it’s an industry he should remain working in if this is a regular practice. I am inclined to agree with him, not only as a working model myself, but as a previous recruiter in an HR company. 

Some of the similarities between a casting agency and a staffing agency is they are contracted by larger companies to recruit talent for them. They also have criteria that they want for their talent (in a casting agency it’s based off of looks and resume as opposed to a staffing agency which relies heavily on a resume.) 

This all seems like pretty cut and dry stuff on the surface but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. With a mass influx of people coming in to basically apply for the same job, there is a tendency to herd people like cattle. Also there is a certain amount rudeness when it comes down to the treatment of the people that are selected. There has been many issues where employees that I worked with had genuine concerns when it came down to their pay, working hours and even how they are treated on the job; only to have their concerns and my concerns fall on deaf ears. It’s absolutely frustrating. When it comes to the entertainment and fashion industry, there is a little bit of extra acid they seem to add to the mix. Models and talent can be blacklisted if they don’t follow the demands of the casting agents. Even to the point of purposely going for the jugular and hurt their feelings but claim they should not be so sensitive. This is truly sociopathic behavior.

As a result of poor treatment, some of the talent that I had spoken to said that they never want to come back. Why should we, the recruiters, make the experience so unsavory? People talk with each other, and I know that some of my colleagues have turned away jobs due to negative reports about a company. These are missed opportunities, especially if there is a rising star within their midst. Balenciaga did the right thing by severing their ties and this will be an invaluable lesson to fashion companies that they need to pay more attention to who they contract out for work.