Neighbors pt. 2

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Update, my hell neighbor from next door moved out. My very loud downstairs neighbors moved out as well. Our building had about half a month of peace with the cool neighbors before we had a new person move in.

I’m not exactly sure if he is a prostitute or filming a porno, but the sexual activity in the apartment above me is loud and really uncomfortable.

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Of course I could just be bitter because I have been celibate for a few years now. And, of course, it’s “cuffing season” so everyone is trying to find a mate so they won’t be lonely for the holidays. Still, it’s annoying and painful. I really need to move out.

I’m Proud of Myself

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If you have been following me up until this point, you know that there is a specific man on this planet that shattered my heart to pieces. Last year he apologized to me for causing so much pain. Thinking that would be the end of it, he managed to find me on one of my other social media channels and tried to forge a friendship again. I’ve decided to put a stop to it today.

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I was already very suspicious about why he would try to reach out to me again in the first place. Still, I stayed cordial. Recently however, he started to pull the same old tricks again in the way he communicates with me. No. He’s dealing with the wrong woman now. My heart isn’t the same anymore and I have very little patience for having my feelings abused again.

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So I closed off that channel and I’m not speaking to him anymore. He doesn’t need to know what I’m doing in my life now. He just needs to stay gone.

Mad Money

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I’m definitely going all in with my acting career. However, I will always have some sort of a side hustle to keep me alive too. Why? Because of things like this, or like this; or the two instances of my loss of employment that both led to extreme poverty and initially to homelessness.

My mother passed down a term to me that she learned from her mother…”always have Mad Money.” If you are familiar with the term, great! For those that aren’t, all it means that if you are a woman who is on a date with a man that is untoward in any way, you always keep a store of cash on you to be able to take a cab home and buy your own dinner.

When it comes to work, it should be the same way. I nor you should be beholden to abuse by superiors because you really need the work; and although it is my dream to take my career as far as it can go, the entertainment industry is basically the Wild West when it comes down to workplace conduct. I would love to be able to have the freedom to walk away with my chosen finger in the air if I hear a producer, director, co-star, or any employer say “if you defy me, you’ll never work in this business again.” That is when you can walk away with confidence.

Bullying is not ok

I didn’t have much to write about today, but I wanted to reblog a very important post.

Jenny Rieu

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)

” I was at my most vulnerable, but I decided to make the most of that experience and had a blast. “

So last night I was cyber-bullied by a very insecure  young girl. I responded back by calling her out on all of my social media handles. And the amount of support and love I have received back was mind-blowing. I do what I do because I enjoy it and I grow from it. Growing up I have always wanted to be an Actress/Singer and Model, that was always my dream. After pursuing acting and singing for a while, I found my way into the pin-up community upon moving from New York to LA back in 2010. From that I produced my own cabaret show and started my professional modeling career back in 2014, when I modeled for Pinup Girl Clothing and their ” Couture for Everybody Campaign “…

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